weekend cottage

Study title: 2015 
Locality: Czech Republic
Bild-up area: 36 m2

Brná is a quarter of the municipality of Ústí nad Labem. The space of the valley between the tall hills that hem the already wide watercourse of the Elbe River allow development along the river bank and on the steep slopes.

Our land parcel is located directly on the bank, between the river and the railway line that runs parallel to it, in a location with freely developed, isolated houses and cottages in the greenery.

The desire of the investor was to design a new house on the ground plan of the existing cottage, which allows family recreation from spring through autumn.

Based on the analysis of the area, a new cottage structure was built above the existing raised basement. It is linked to the surrounding riverine landscape by large windows, but is also shielded against noise from the railway line by a massive masonry wall. The entire building is unified by a light wooden roof above the ground floor of the cottage with large overhangs above the external staircase and windows. The roof continues above the terrace, and so its structure optically connects the interior with the exterior.

A sleeping storey with two small cabins is proposed above the ground plan of the dwelling part. The lightweight mass with a saddle roof elegantly complements the light ground floor section.