Family house with a view

Project: 2013
Implementation: Spring 2014
Locality: District of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
Built-up area: 177 m2
Usable area: 132 m2; Heated area: 107 m2

Shape factor A/V: 0.94
Specific heat requirement for heating according to PHPP: 34 kWh/(m2/year)

Heating: Heat pump (air-water)
Recuperation: YES

Individual residential lot:
The individual residential lot for construction of the house drops southerly into the valley of the Dědina Stream, which meanders between the old housing development of the municipality. The land plot provides a magnificent view over the greenery, to the mild slope on the opposite side with the small town vista of the romantic development, peaking in the tower of St. Andrew’s Church.

The ground plan of the single-storey house copies the shape of the land plot and opens in the garden facing the view. The consistent division of the house into the heated and unheated parts passes into the raised part covered by the single pitched roof and the open adjacent shelter (terrace, parking space and workshop) covered with trapezoid sheeting. The interior disposition of the house is divided by the central living area into the parents´ and children´s parts with technical facilities.

It is a wall construction system from shell blocks with outer contact warm padding. The object shall be covered by a single pitched roof from wooden "I" girders.