Family home overlooking a river

Study title: 2014
Locality: Černošice, Czech Republic
Built-up area: 258.89 m2
Usable area: 264.87 m2

Volume factor of the shape of building A/V: 0.7
Specific heat requirement for heating according to PHPP: 19 kWh/(m2/year)

Heating: Heat pump (air-water)
Recuperation: YES

<--break->Land plot:
The builder´s land is located above the headland of the River Berounka in Černošice u Prahy. The elevated position on sloping land facing south with magnificent views of the river to the southwest and the City of Prague to the northeast. This is enhanced by the orientation of the house, because it is a land plot on the edge in an otherwise continuous family house development scheme.

The task was to design a house for four people, inspired by the functionalist architecture of Tel Aviv, where the investor lived for several years.

The mass of the house is based on strict separation of the heated areas of ​​the house, which are concentrated into the compact shape of a two-storey house with the dwelling rooms facing the view. The additional building of the garage and external walkway then form the background and external terraces.
The internal layout of the house is divided into a daytime living area, which is located on the ground floor and is connected via a terrace to the surrounding land, and a private resting area on the first floor.

This is a wall construction system from lime sand building blocks with exterior contact thermal insulation.